Norris Geyser Basin

Heart-shaped mud pool
Mince, cette blague ne marche qu'en anglais / Heart of darkness-somewhat-shaped thing... well, close enough
Smoke on the Norris basin
Smokes on the Norris basin
Bubbling lactic blue pool A branch of pine in front of the basin
Lactic pool with red shores
Colored basin
Turquoise pool
Turquoise pools
Reflection of the sky on the streams of hot water Abnormally turquoise pool
Tiled texture of the floor of a pool
More texture with dark parts
Hot stream with a geyser in the background out of focus
Streams with orange and green algae or bacteria
Smoky landscape Bacteria colonies
Green and orange textures due to the presence of bacteria colonies
Rusty red textures
Green stream Burnt tree on the desolated volcanic landscape Burnt and whitened tree on the desolated volcanic landscape
Calm turquoise waters
A lone dark cloud in a bright clear blue sky above a small pool A white cloud trapped in a pool
J'ai tenté une danse de la pluie / There I did some rain-dancing
Grey-black mud
Herbal pattern
Acid pool
Shores of a rust and turquoise coloured pool Rust-coloured bacteria colonies in a pool
Whitened dry riverbed
Spectacular yellow acid hole in front of a row of burnt pine trees
Steamboat Geyser pouring steam after the erruption of the 31th of july 2013
Ce geyser (Steamboat Geyser) s'était réveillé le 31 juillet précédent, la pression y allait encore à pleins tubes / This one (Steamboat Geyser) had awakened 3 days before, on the 31th of july, it was still pouring enormous amounts of smoke

Cascade Lake

A notre pause déjeuner, nous sommes tombé sur un meeting de vieilles bagnoles... During lunch we stumbled upon some old-fashioned car meeting...

Parked old Ford
Parked Pontiac GTO
Parked Chevrolet Wine bottle at the mart whose label reads ‘Arrogant Frog’ une offense ! Qui êtes-vous pour me juger, maudits obèses buveurs de coca ?! ...oh. / Offended? Who are you to judge us, fat coca drinkers?! Oh. Wait.
Sunny meadow with purple flowers
Sunny meadow
Very odd cloud mirroring the shape of the track
Bird leading the way on the track
Cet oiseau nous guidait-il sciemment dans son domaine ? D'où diantre lui venait cette sensation d'être suivi, qui le conduisait à se retourner de temps en temps, pour vérifier ? Nous ne saurons jamais. / Was this bird knowingly guiding us in his property? Where did that awful feeling of being followed was coming from, which would have him check his back from time to time? We'll never know.
Lilies on the lake
Lilies on the lake
Eagle preying upon a fish Eagle plunging unto the lake for a fish
Eagle flying above the lake
Squeaking squirrel
Cette photo ne retranscrit pas le cri particulièrement étrange de la bête / This photograph cannot retranscribe the weird cry of this wild beast
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