English translation

So in 3 weeks I'll be volunteering at our locally held southern tea party. My first, odd since I've been living there for 3 years now. I made the poster for the event, and for once it's not an illustration. I would have, but I'm running out of time lately. The venue is a wonderful mansion from the XVIIIth century. For those of you who live in Aix you could have had a glimpse of it last week-end because it was part of the Heritage Days. (Which were disappointing as a matter of fact for Nella and me, for we tried unsuccessfully 4 places which were either closed or where there was pretty much nothing more to see than on any regular day). Disgression aside, I reckon our planning has potential. Can't say more though, sorry!

I figured out I could exhibit some of my artwork as well at this TP. So I had three pieces framed (finishing to pay tomorrow, T_T). One of them I haven't posted anywhere, because it will be used eventually as an exlibris for our lolita book project. I will probably have some more to show unframed, like the ink and quill pieces I forgot to bring to Paris. And the 3 lolita artworks I've been keeping to myself recently, and no, it's not counting the exlibris. I'll have to post at least some of them here, I suppose. I'm reaaaally not trying hard enough to promote my stuff. Of course I will have all my prints and hey, I created a coupon that can be used in my Etsy shop to skip shipping if we meet in person: REMPFREESHIP.

Et n'oubliez pas, venez masqué(e) ! Il y aura des gens que je connais ? And don't forget, bring on the mask! Anyone I know is attending?