Depuis le temps ! On voulait le faire au lancement de la boutique, mais la préparer était en soi trop chronophage, alors on l'avait repoussé à la rentrée, puis je suis partie à la Réunion, puis ce sont mes collègues qui sont partis en Écosse, et puis il a fallu faire certains trucs soit-disant urgents, et puis on allait entrer dans la 2e moitié du mois comme dirait Mana et il fallait prendre des mesures. Voilà, #fourhorsemengiveaway

Do you remember that time when we promised you a giveaway for the launch of our shop? Now that's a #throwbackthursday, for IV Horsemen as an etsy store is almost half a year old now! Our respective timetables prevented us from treating you earlier but maybe it's for the best. It's Christmas time after all and no matter at what pace december is happening for you, to win this gift you need not endure the crowds or the cold, only share and like this post (or IV Horsemen page) to help us spread the word about our work!

We have decided to offer a selection of our products from the shop or personal collection. The winner will receive a signed copy of François Amoretti's comic book Les Destructeurs [The Destroyers], the print of your choice by illustrator messalyn (including the hand-embellished larger ones) and a few photographs from model Nella Fragola.

To help us keep track of the shared posts, we are using Rafflecopter, a well-known online tool for giveaways. Log in using your email or Facebook, then follow the instructions provided with each sharing method we offer, such as copypasting the URL of your post or clicking on a button to send a tweet. You can do that multiple times during the course of the giveaway!

L'idée, en français cette fois, c'est tout simplement de partager notre giveaway afin de faire gagner à l'un d'entre vous une petite collec' des travaux de la boutique, dont j'espère qu'elle s'étoffera par la suite avec des non-aixois mais pour le moment, tels sont nos moyens. Outre les partages, nous récompensons également les achats et les favoris dans la boutique elle-même.

Pour coordonner tout cela, nous avons préparé notre giveaway au moyen du site Rafflecopter ce qui résulte en un magnifique widget disponible ici et sur la page facebook, dans lesquels vous renseignez vos partages pour que nous n'en rations aucun !

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Je vous laisse avec quelques règles en anglais que nous avons rédigé pour parer à vos éventuelles questions :


  • The winner will be contacted within a few days of the draw about the details of the prize: language of the book and who to sign it for, which print you want from messalyn and in which color…

  • In case the winner doesn't answer within 72h after we contact this person, we'll proceed to another draw, so watch your inbox! Especially if you logged with an email you don't use much.

  • You can share multiple times in the course of the giveaway, once per day. More chances for you if you do so!

  • You are NOT limited to one method of sharing.

  • You can enter multiple times the “Buy from us” option, but only once per order. The system works on a “once per day” basis so you'll have to wait for the next day to re-enter another purchase.

  • NONE of these choice is mandatory. Not everyone has a Facebook, a blog, Twitter, and we respect that.

  • Please pay attention to the requirements we ask to keep track of your shares. We'll need to check the winning entry actually exists. Obviously that means you shouldn't delete anything…

  • The giveaway is open to the international, after all we DO have a book in english!

J'espère que cela fera un/une heureuse !!!