River in the Hayden Valley
Dark cloud above the sunny meadow
Cute meadow
Folâtrer en Gunne Sax en rêvant de construire sa petite maison : paysage pour revue romantique des 70's / Frolicking in Gunne Sax while daydreaming about our future little house: the perfect 70s romantic magazine feature.
Clear Lake Hole of acid
Clear Lake
Volcanic ground
A twisted log Me and my sister Side view of the large mud pool
A large mud pool
Ribbon Lake
Voilà donc le fameux Ribbon Lake / This is Ribbon Lake
Watching over the lake
Vegetation by the lake
Canyon Canyon
Les nuages passent… et les sapins… euh… s'effacent ?
Yellow stone at the edge of the canyon Hoodoo
Pierre jaune et cheminée de fée / Yellow stone and hoodoo
Ray of light on the canyon
Log by the edge of the canyon
Trail with fallen tree trunks all over
Partially hidden rainbow above a cascade
Arc en ciel à Uncle Tom's point (une vue sur Lower Falls)
Inside the car
nowwatching : La Cabane dans les Bois (c'est de circonstance didonc)