Dans tout voyage il y a un jour où apparemment vous mitraillez plus que tous les autres; apparemment, j'ai 400 photos pour le 30 juillet. Comme tous les matins, nous avons retrouvé notre bande de cervidés au même endroit tout proche de notre hôtel à Grant Village, partie du parc où nous sommes restés le plus longtemps. J'ai beaucoup aimé cet hôtel et cette partie du parc, ses lacs, ses forêts et ses chipmunks complètement débiles. Cette fois-ci on s'est aventurés un peu plus près.

In every trip there is one day when you snap way more pictures than usual. Seems like I took nearly 400 photos on the 30th of July. Morning after morning, we got our share of elks at the same spot, near our lodges in Grant Village. This is where we stayed the longest, I liked it a lot, that area was all about lakes and trees, oh yeah and ludicrous chipmunks. We got a little closer.

Elk eating grass in the morning

Après cette glorieuse lumière matinale, le temps a pris une tournure apocalyptique avec un orage menaçant, sans doute pour honorer notre seconde visite dans les paysages dinosauresques d'Old Faithful. Le temps est très changeant à Yellowstone, et par rapport au climat français, beaucoup plus précis. Certains épisodes ne font que traverser très localement ce parc. Le bronzage de certaines l'en remercie.

Yet after that glorious morning light, things went nastier with that frightful storm passing by, in honor of the dinosauresque surroundings. Weather changes all the time in Yellowstone, I thought it was more precise than the french one. Stuff makes its way throught the park very locally. Luckily for some people's tan.

Utterly dark storm clouds above the Old Faithful area
Dark grey sky upon the pine forest and a puff of white smoke due to volcanic activity
Boiling pool in the meadow Rust and white crust
Delicate bacteria patterns
Blue-green and orange bacteria mat Blue-green and orange bacteria mat
Tapis de bactéries aux allures de cartes de géographie / Bacteria mats and geography maps are very much alike indeed
A halt on the boardwalks
In the middle of a large volcanic area
Boiling pool with grey crusted edges
Large active geyser
Elongated pool with notched edges
Small geyser eruption Small geyser in front of a distinctive Yellowstone landscape consisting of a mix of regular pine trees and dead white specimens Details of the crusty texture of the tiny geysers
Texture boulangère pour ces petits geysers / Life-sized bread crust
Multi-colored pool
Trees tinted in white
Smoky hole by the river
Crested Pool
Textures of Crested Pool Textures of Crested Pool
Castle Geyser White pine trees
Texture of the bacterial colonies
Black pool with orange edges Rusty orange pool with a small black center
Pool with large rust coloured edges
Truly volcanic landscape
Giant Geyser River crossing an active volcanic area
Spectacular yellow and green pool
Sequence 1/3 of the eruption of the Riverside Geyser Sequence 2/3 of the eruption of the Riverside Geyser Sequence 3/3 of the eruption of the Riverside Geyser
Eruption of the Riverside Geyser
Punch Bowl Spring
Blisters on the surface of the hearth almost like coral
Dead tree cracked in two by lightning yet still standing on the shore of Yellowstone Lake
nowwatching : Downton Abbey. Et c'est toujours aussi bon.